Sunday, 9 September 2012

My love for Leggings!

I love leggings! They're a great alternative to jeans and the perfect item to wear in this random weather England seems to be having at the moment. With the amount of different styles and colours the shops have to offer at the minute, I'm spoiled for choice! Leather panelled ones from Zara, to tribal print legging in H&M, there is definitely a pair out their for just about everyone.
It's also how you wear them that is equally as important, if the materials too thin, they look like tights, if you tuck something into them, it looks like you're wearing a nappy!
I got some great ones from H&M last week in plum (look below) they also came in coral, green, blue and black, with faux pockets. They are so comfy, but still quite smart. I wore them with a loose white tee with studded shoulders from Ark in Sheffield, a casual slouchy blazer from River Island and my River Island suede wedges.
Check out what the high street has to offer:
Black Tasseled - ASOS
Orange Ombré - Topshop
Black Studded - River Island
Leopard Print - Mango


  1. This is a great outfit, and I love the colour of the leggings. My fave colour! x

    1. Thanks Hun! Glad you like it! I love the colour leggings!
      I'm your new follower, please follow me too!

      NCCB x

  2. Nice outfit, the shoes are beautiful! Leggings are so comfortable! just bought ones at h&m, they're crimson with leather on the side.



    1. Thanks Maria! I want those leggings with leather down the side!!! Need to get in H and M quick! X

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    1. Thanks so much! I love your blog! Please follow me too!

      NCCB x