Monday, 29 April 2013

POTTER! Warner Bros Studio Tour

Such an amazing adventure! All thanks to my brilliant sister. The best Christmas present ever, a ticket to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour!
Potter glasses purchased and on our excited faces, we were ready to enter Potter World!
Waiting anxiously in front of the doors to the Great Hall, our adventure was about to begin!

Real Film Sets, Costumes, Wands, Broomsticks, Props, Animals, Cars, Buses and Butterbeer, this place was truly magical.

Diagon Alley was by far the best part of the tour. It was so real and you actually felt you were part of the Harry Potter crew while you walked the cobbled streets!

Models and Cad drawings, Concept Art and Architectural Sketches, leads you through until you turned the corner to the final breath taking view of the 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts.
It was awesome. So intricate and flawless, no wonder it was used as the actual Hogwarts in the film!

Harry Potter World is a Magical, Educational and fun day out. I'd recommend it to any HP fan, no matter what age you are!


  1. wow this seems so fun !!!! i'm so jealous !
    Nice blog by the way ! i'm following you now !
    xoxox francoise

    1. Thanks Francoise! It was amazing! I'll check out your blog too Hunni!

      NCCB x