Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vintage Customised Jewellery Hanger

Displaying all your jewellery has always been hard to do, especially when you have as much as I do.
I do like the cute wire necklaces hangers as they stop the dreaded 'necklace tangle', but i wanted something a bit different.

A recent trip to my sisters hometown of Sheffield, she took us straight to Mr Goode's secret emporium. Stating that we shouldn't wear 'nice' clothes as we might get dirty, I as a bit concerned.
Dirty was an understatement! It was like stepping back in time, dark, dingy and dusty, but with so many hidden treasures, you could just about ignore the grime. 

This is where I unearthed 2 vintage picture frames and with a bit of tlc, I could see they had potential for something better than this time warped shop.

I painted one gold (which i'm yet to display) and the other I cleaned up and glued back together and added it to my necklace hanging display.

Nice Vintage touch I think! 

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  1. What an awesome way to display and organize everything!!