Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Slack no more!

Christmas has been and gone, winter seems to be on its way out and the bulbs are pocking their heads through soil. Spring is on its way!
I have been a bit slack with my blog, too interested in reading everyone else's and sitting on my bum in front of the fire, but that's not just what I've been up to though! 
My best friend Vicky is expecting her first baby in 3 weeks so Amy and I decided to throw her a small baby shower last week. 
Her house is amazing and really retro so we decorated it to suit making home made crepe paper bunting and the classic helium ballons.
We had home baked biscuits, crust less sandwiches and a luxurious cream sponge cake, glasses of wine and copius amounts of tea in cute china tea cups! In between all the cake eating and tea drinking, we played a variety of fun games, these consisted of guessing the baby food (hideous stuff), identifying the substance in the nappy (yuk) and trying to guess the size of Vicky's pregnancy bump!
It was a lovely relaxed fun afternoon which we all thoroughly enjoyed! So excited to meet baby Emmerson!


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