Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Bluewater Grand Opening

I adore Victoria's Secret ever since I stepped foot in one of their stores in America. So pink and pretty but sexy and luxurious. We all wish we could be a VS angel don't we?!
I am yet to visit a store in the Uk and have been meaning to take a visit, but tonight, Victoria's Secrets sprung a surprise on me! 
Myself and Kelly nipped into Bluewater after work to buy my husbands birthday presents, in our routine way, we enter the centre and walk to the right, but tonight we switched it up and walked to the left! Daring I know!
Before we knew it we had stumbled across something amazing!!! There in front of us with all it's glossy beauty was the UK's next addition to the Victoria's Secret family, a massive store in Bluewater! 
We rushed up to the roped off entrance asking when the store was opening, she replied that it was friends and family but we were allowed in!!! 
Eeeek! We were so excited! The store was amazing! It was like stepping back to my holiday in America, winged maniquinnes, diamante encrusted bras and a whole beauty and fragrance area. We were greeted by at least 5 members of eager and equally excited staff. I could have spent thousands, but had to restrain myself! 
I picked up a few cute bits and treated myself to the new frangrance brought out this week. 
Next door to the main VS store is the seperate Pink store, the only stand alone Pink store in the UK.
We can't wait to visit again and treat ourselves to some cute bikinis, sexy pj's and some stunning underwear!
VS is located on the ground floor of Bluewater.


  1. Love Victiora's Secret!

    You have an amazing blog! I started to
    follow you on GFC. It would be great if
    you follow me back!


    1. Thanks Dascha! Love your blog too! I'm your new follower!
      X x

  2. aw when I lived in the UK I've been at Victoria Secrets sooo often :)) x

    blog, rosarooAnschi x

  3. OMG I really want to go now I've seen proper pictures of it!!
    Chloe xoxo