Sunday, 19 August 2012

Studs, Spikes and Chains

Studding has been in every shop for the past few seasons, and it looks like its here for the long term. From jeans to tee's and shirts to bags, customised clothing is at an all time high. Sometimes less is more and I've got some more subtle pieces of studding, spikes and chains that can jazz up any outfit!
I found the gold and black ribbon chain necklace in my bottom drawer and always thought it was a little too heavy as a necklace. So twisting it round my wrist three times i gave it a new lease of life as a chunky bracelet. I wore it to work that day and it actually felt quite expensive, a far cry from its Primark roots! This is easily done with any necklace and if it's a tad too short, make it looser and have the end hanging like a tail!
To create a bit a drama in your hair, I found this great rose gold and gold spiked hair tie from H & M. A basic black elastic hair tie with an array of plastic spikes makes a simple ponytail more like a stallions tail!!
The last piece I purchased was a faux leather, gold studded bag from this seasons H & M. The 'pleather' is an excellent imitation and the gold studs give it an expensive look.
Excellent key pieces for Autumn/Winter '12 with no arts and crafts customisation!

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