Thursday, 29 November 2012

All That Shines

Finding good costume jewellery is sometimes hard to come by, the choices seem to be high street tat or overpriced Pandora styled charm bracelets.
On a recent trip to London, I stumbled across Butler and Wilson and was in bling heaven! So much sparkle and glitz I didn't know where to start first. But London is 90 miles away from me, I needed somewhere closer, on my doorstep in fact!

I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles and shines, so when I was introduced to a new shop in Peterborough that sold just that, I couldn't say no!
Natasha Fierro and her mum started up Tahlias Closet, a dedication to Natasha's daughter, last year, and have just launched their amazing new website.

Tahlias Closet stocks beautiful jewellery that is sourced from all over the world alongside their own label, which is currently being stocked nationwide in boutiques salons and department stores.
Natasha and her family want the jewellery you buy from them to provide you with Something magical, unique and special, and this is definitely what you'll receive once you have checked out their website!

From Cocktail rings and skull necklaces, to elegant jewelled earrings, there really is something for everyone. Prices starting from £10 and there is currently free delivery on all orders over £150. Perfect for some sparkly Christmas presents for all ages!

Check out the chic website: or visit their shop on Cowgate, Peterborough.

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