Thursday, 29 November 2012

Custom Cons

I am an avid fan of the classic Converse and own many colours, but none as amazing as the ones I purchased in Office last week!

Bluewater was the culprit for this random purchase that I didn't even need! I was sucked in by their window display and quite clearly couldn't resist on this occasion!
Soft black distressed leather with silver studded sides and a leopard print panel running down the back! Amazing.

Within five minutes they'd been on my feet and in a bag and out the shop without a thought to their £85 price tag! Double the cost of a normal pair of Cons, but my god they're worth it. I believe they'll be a limited number of them produced and will sell out fast, being only available at Office.
They also do two other styles, a full fur leopard print version and a leopard print and studded.
Giving the Converse a run for their money are Nike's latest offering, the Blazers. They have brought out the Pony Skin swoosh exclusive edition. The black with pink swoosh are amazing! These are slightly cheaper at £69.99

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