Sunday, 15 July 2012

Arts and Crafts Corner - Studding

Individuality is always a good trait to have, it means you're not scared to express how you feel or what you do, and what better way to express this, is through clothes.
Anybody can go out and buy a pair of jeans and a white tee, and sometimes it can be how you wear them so that your personality shines. Adding your own individual touch can change a basic white tee to something completely unique.
This is what I've been doing this evening, customising a basic denim shirt from Primark with some square silver studs! I feel we need to take 5 minutes to give credit to Lady Ga Ga and Rihanna, as without their latest fashion trends and their obsession with studded outfits, this look would not be so accessible.
Wearing my customised denim shirt won't take me any closer to being as cool as GaGa or RiRi, but it'll do for the high street!

I have included step by step photos of how I (and my cat Cooper) transformed the collar of my shirt.

Denim shirt - Primark £12
Silver Studs - E bay £3



  1. Looks great I'm getting ready to stud a leather jacket I've bought:)